Scan  POWER  PROJECTS  L.L.C  , Registered in Dubai


Scan  Electromechanical Cont. Co. L.L.C ,in Sharjah

Scan is in operation since 1991 for various electrical installation and trading activities.

Scan has acquired a tremendous satisfaction of the client and has very good reputation. Apart from its well-covered activities in contracting field, Scan is also registered in trading activities to provide all needs in electrical construction areas. Having own warehouse, Scan has substantial stock of various Transformers, Ring main Units, Feeder Pillars, Cables of various types / sizes / voltage grades, Termination / Jointing kits and other related accessories.

Scan has a strong relationship with many major manufacturers and companies around the world, which are well supported in U.A.E.


Scan undertakes wide range of activities, the major of which are………

All types of Electrical Projects.

Electrical installation of entire Sub-stations up to 400 kV including GIS, Transformer, Switchgear, Distribution panel, Cabling, Jointing, Termination and other associated works.

Testing & Commissioning of H.V. sub-station equipments with our own testing instruments of full range and by our competent & approved testing engineers.

Installation of Cables up to 400 kV voltage grade together with Pilot, F.O, Control cables and all associated civil works including supply & installation of pre-cast concrete Trough.

Provision of air-conditioned jointing housing, equipped with all facilities.

Supply and installation of Overhead Transmission Lines & all kinds of electrical items.

Complete MEP work including supply of materials for Buildings & Industries.

Engineering, Design and Computer Aided Drawing for power and service utilities.

Representative of various major global manufacturers & establishments.

MAJOR  ACHIEVEMENTS                      

Scan has successfully completed many 132/11kV indoor Sub-station installation work with 132kV GIS, Power/Aux. Transformers, HV Switchgears, Control & Protection Panels, Battery system, Earthing, cable Tray, Cabling, Terminations, Testing & Comm. at various places including DEWA’s Jebel Ali Ind, JAFZA, Up Town, Ruwayah, Meadows in DEWA’s contract nos. CE/102/97, CE-056/98, CE/011A/04.

Scan has carried out 9 nos. 40MVA 132kV Power Transformer installation with Testing & Commissioning by our test equipments for HYUNDAI in ADWEA contract no. N-99-0144.

Scan is proud to have installed 400kV cables at DEWA’s ‘L’ Power station.

Scan has installed 25 kms. of 1Cx2500, 220kV & 1Cx1400 & 1Cx800, 132kV cables with F.O cables at Sohar Industrial Area in Oman, which is first of, it’s kind in the Gulf.

Scan has installed highest size of 132kV cables in DEWA’s ‘K’ Power stn. with complete civil work ( CNE / 100 / 99 ) involving 32 kms. of 1Cx2500 &, 132kV cables with F.O & Pilot.

Scan has also installed 220kV, 1Cx2000 & cables at Dhaid s/s and complete 132kV cables for 400kV S/Ss at JAFZA & Bukhadra.

Scan  has also done 132kV internal cabling at various 132/220/400kV s/s.

Scan has executed 22 kms. 132kV cables for Dubal ckt. in CE/322/04.

Scan completed the installation of more than 300,000mtrs of 132kV & 100,000mtrs of FO cables in DEWA contract CE/011B/04 including 50,000mtrs of Trench excavation with Trough installation.

Scan has executed 90 kms. of 132kV with 22 kms. Fibre Optic & 4 kms. Pilot cabling in 2 different projects ( CE- 356B/98 & -356D/98 ) of DEWA.

Scan  has installed about 26kms 132kV cables for Hyundai in ADWEA.

Scan  has installed 960 sq. mm. Oil Filled 132kV cables at ‘D’ Power station for Hyundai in DEWA contract CNE-025/98 with 12kms. 33,11kV, Pilot, Control & FO cables with 157 nos. Jointing & Terminations.

Scan has also carried out 28 Kms. of 132kV & 9 Kms. of 33kV cabling work for ABB through TATA Projects at Ruwais Oil Refinery in Abu Dhabi.

Scan has installed 20kms.11kV cables for “Dubai Investment Park” .

SCAN has installed complete 11kV cables in CUC2 & 4 of "Dubai Airport".

SCAN has installed 400kms. Of Airfield Lighting cables Al Dafra, Abu Dhabi & Al Minad, Dubai for Defense-airbase.

SCAN has installed more than 400kms.of 33,11kV & LV cables at Bu-hasa Oil Refinery, Abu Dhabi including Jointing & Terminations for Dodsal.

SCANcompleted 280kms132kV & 103kms FO cable in DEWA contracts CE-024/06 at Sports City, CE-455/06 at Qusais, CE-288/06 at ICRB & JA, CE-220/07 at Jumaira,
CE-509/08 at Technopark.

Scan has installed more than 300kms of FO cables in SCADA projects.

Scan has completed 38 kms 132kV cabling project in RAK for FEWA.

Scan has installed 30kms. of 132kV cables and 25kms. of Pilot Cables for CIMEL AL ROSTAMANI in   DEWA contract no. CE/096/94

Scan has laid 32 Kms. of 132kV cables for BICC in SEWA..

Scan has completed 90kms. 132kV, cabling with FO for ‘DELTA, U.K in SEWA and assisted 132kV Jointing & Termination.

Scan has laid 10Kms 1200 sq. mm, 220kV cables in Saudi Arabia.

SCAN has laid 66kms. of 132kV cables in SEWA for SEGAM.

SCAN has laid 132 & 220kV cables in Qasimia s/s GROUP SCHNEIDER.

SCAN has executed a number of electrical projects in various places under the Electricity and Water Authorities of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Fujairah. Those projects involved installation of Sub-station, having GIS, Switchgear, Transformer, Battery & D.C. system, Scada, Overhead lines, Underground cables up to 400 kV including Jointing & Termination.

SCAN  is registered with SEWA in Sharjah to carry out their major portion of work. We are also registered with FEWA as Electrical Contractor.
A letter of appreciation has been issued by FEWA (MEW) for our outstanding services rendered in Ajman Power Station.

SCAN has established their name in MEP field & successfully completed the Electrical, BMS, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Water& Drainage work in "Dubai Airport Free Zone phase-3" & Electrical work "21st Century Building" having a team of vast experienced personnel with them.

SCAN has secured many of the work directly from the Government Utilities as the main contractor and executed on their own without sub-letting to any sub-contractor. Scan has about 350 work forces on its own and in the process to add more. Scan has got all required Equipments and machineries including many 5/10 ton cable-pulling Winches with electronic recorders along with a very special 2 Ton, handy "Cable-pulling Winch" that can be taken to any difficult & small location manually.

SCAN also have full range of "Testing Instruments" required for Substation up to 400 kV.



v      Arup K. Das, Managing Director - Partner :- has a vast working exposure since 1976 after Graduation in Electrical Engineering (BE) from India’s most reputed “Bengal Engineering College”. Having working experience in UAE’s Power & Utility network up to 400kV through many national & multinational companies at a very senior level from 1987 to work for DEWA, ADWEA, SEWA, FEWA & DM, until the formation of this organization by him. He has been leader in many projects in abroad and been trained in Japan, Europe, UK, Far East, etc countries by many reputed manufacturers. He has worked in SIEMENS, Larsen & Taubro (L&T), BICC while working in India & on deputation from BICC in the Gulf since 1987.

v      Tendering :- having more than 25 years of past operational experience & data of relevant business in UAE, we are more practical while preparing our offer as per market need. Having developed many computerized tendering program, our offer reaches to our client on time.

v      Project Monitoring & Operation :- after securing projects, our team evaluates the need of total resources based on the pre-assessment done during tendering. Constant follow-ups are being made on daily basis to allocate exact resources at site based on target & need. Modern computer aided programs have been developed by us to do the “Project Monitoring” efficiently day-after-day.

v      QA/QC/HSE :- have trained personnel in this field to keep watch on what is being done, is as per the need/standard/commitment. All our personnel are provided with PPE & are checked by the “Camp Boss” before they get into their transport in the morning. All heavy machineries are certified & sourced from reputed organization. Also, uses of any illegal resources are totally controlled.

v      CAD Section :- fully equipped with in-house facilities for computer-aided drawings, plotting, printing, etc. Well-experienced CAD Draughtsman operates various latest programs, including Auto-CAD and Micro-station.

v      Accounts & Administration :- Qualified personnel look after the skeleton of the operation, honoring the law of the country. Human needs are given the first priority to keep a good harmony in the Organization & for the best services to our clients at all times.

v        Site Supervision :- having a good number of qualified & experienced Engineers & Supervisors.

v      Technical Hands :- Qualified Technicians are delivering the best work under the strict supervision of Engineers & Supervisory staffs. Having groomed in the organization with uniformed standard.

v       Workforce :- have about 450 work forces on its own and in the process to add more.






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